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What Clients are Saying About Working With RAM Fitness:

“I had been taking boot camp classes 3 times/wk with Rae Anne since November 2013 and could start seeing results within weeks for my muscle tone just simply from those classes. In March, I made the decision to take it a step further and really lose inches. Rae Anne and I worked together to do a full blown plan, including diet and nutrition, which was not something I had ever implemented before. WOW! That was everyone’s first reaction when they saw me just after the 1st week! Immediately I could tell the my abs were tighter and I was much slimmer and leaner.  We noticed that I wasn’t having as immediate results with my legs so Rae Anne put together a leg work out for me, designed specifically for my trouble areas. Again, after just 1-2 weeks of following her plan, my legs were firmer and trimmer than before. That is why I love working with Rae Anne; not only is she interested to earn your business up front and help you through goal-setting, but she is just as passionate with helping you achieve results along the way. She would even frequently text me to see how I was doing and provide constant positive feedback and encouragement when I needed it the most. She pours her heart and soul into helping you meet your results. If you’re looking for a passionate trainer who genuinely loves working with you one on one to meet your goals, Rae Anne is absolutely the right choice!”  Jessica C.

“A friend invited me to a class at RAM Fitness in February of 2012.  As we all know women begin to lose natural muscle tone rapidly after the age of 40 and I was several years past that!  I was active and exercised semi-regularly but did not use weights or do muscle toning.  My philosophy was if it makes you groan than put it down!!!  Rae Anne has helped me to change my life, health status and body.  My body fat was in the “fair” zone and I was definitely flabby but was in my “ideal body weight” zone.  I have lost two clothing sizes which is great but most importantly Rae Anne helped me get through a health crisis. At a doctor’s visit I discovered I was pre diabetic and had a poor A1-C blood sugar outcome.  Rae Anne gave me tips on improving my diet and I increased my exercise.  Two months later my blood sugars were normal.  Rae Anne has coached me through a couple of injuries (not incurred at RAM) and altered exercise routines to accommodate my physical needs.  She is a great coach, trainer and nutrition consultant.  This past August I had the milestone of turning 50…as they say the new 40!! Thanks to RAM I am in better physical health than I was at 40 and I am comfortable with my body, which is never easy as a woman in our society. I enjoy the comradery of working out with women and feel very comfortable in the studio environment.   I would highly recommend RAM as a way to change your life, health and body for the better.”  Deanna T.

Meet Tanya!!

One of the many success stories at RAM

Tanya BeforeTanya AFTER














All I cared about was losing the rest of the weight to reach my goal, but coming to RAM Fitness helped me surpass my goal and has changed my life and transformed my body!  Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has become a passion of mine.  Rae Anne and all the trainers at RAM Fitness have been the key to my transformation and continued success throughout this journey. I am forever grateful and couldn’t have done it without their knowledge, help and encouragement!”

Tanya first came to RAM Fitness in July, 2011.  She had already lost an amazing 65 pounds on her own by changing her eating habits.  Tanya wanted to lose the last of her weight and tone up so she turned to RAM Fitness for help.  After adding in strength training and high intensity cardio classes at RAM, Tanya has made even more progress! Since coming to RAM, she has lost an additional 35 pounds, 10.5% body fat and has gone from a Size 11/12 to a Size 3/4!